Products support AseanCoin


asncWallet - Support ASNC, support on multiple platforms (Android, IOS, Web, Windows, MacOSX, Linux ...).

For developers

asncCore - For developers who want to develop ASNC (Create archives, develop from existing source code) an easy way. .

For miner

asncMiner - An ASNC training program that validates transactions with the round-robin algorithm, suitable for mid-range configurations..

AseanCoin Explorer

AseanCoin Explorer - Check transactions, blocks, addresses, wallets ASNC is exploited ... of AseanCoin..

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How to use ASNC

AseanCoin uses blockchain technology with complex algorithms. But the developers made it easier to use with the user.

Register an account

The ASNCWallet wallet supports a variety of platforms for you from the Web, PC, Mobile applications to hard drives stored on personal computers or USB drives.

Get an address

After successful registration you will be given a send and receive address, this address is the only one you have control and processing at your request..

Trading - Exchange

AseanCoin is supported trading on reputable trading floors, you can proceed to buy, sell in these floors by your store ID ASNC.


The deck accepts trade with ASNC


Applications support for programmers and users

asncWallet for MacOSX Download
Daemon for Linux Download

asncWallet for Android Download
asncWallet for IOS Download


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